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Oscar Peterson in London
The Rare 1971 Trio Session


388. O.P. in London-Rare Trio Session

Oscar Peterson in London - The Rare 1971 Trio Session

Review by Arnold van Kampen for Amazon

The short-lived Oscar Peterson Trio with Jiri "George" Mraz and Ray Price only made two albums for MPS that were not very impressive, and dominated by O.P..

On this in London recorded cd, we can hear how well these men could play, and both Mraz and Price get solos (with applause, so was it a live recording after all?). Oscar was at his top of his powers during the 70's, and you certainly can hear why. Sometimes he takes your breath away during fast tracks like "Let's fall in love". Just before the GB Tour, they had some weeks done at Oscar's "base": The London House in Chicago, so these men knew eachother a lot better by now.

In April this trio would do a Japanese Tour, but it is clear that Jiri "George" Mraz was a great bassplayer and the British/American Ray Price is a fine drummer, we know too little about.

On the "Exclusively for my friends" album: "The Way I Really Play" one of the very best tracks is "Alice in Wonderland", but here O.P. takes a completely different approach, but this one is just as great. It's strange that the Sinatra Soceity of Japan releases this CD after 43 years are gone. But as long as the large music companies are just sitting on all that treasures in their archives, I say: "Keep on going gentlemen!"

So this is a true find, and really belongs in every serious Peterson Collection.


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