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CD "O. Peterson Trio Live in Cologne 1963"


398. O.P. Live in Cologne 1963

The cover of this cd, blue-ray (does it really sound better?) and the 2-LP (looking forward to the "bonus tracks"), looks like almost the same of Oscar Peterson in Cologne 1961. Looking at the tracklist, this really was something to look forward to.

However I really hope that in the future (WDR has obvious plans to release more previously unreleased concerts) would picture the correct edition of the Oscar Peterson Trio.

The music here is played by O.P. plus Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen, but looking on the sleeve we see the short-lived Trio with Sam Jones and Louis Hayes, both coming from the Cannonball Adderley Group in 1965/1966.

Ed Thigpen left the Trio in the summer of 1965, after the European Tour, while Oscar's "brother", Ray Brown left the Trio after a Japanese Tour, that ended at the end of February 1966.

After listening, I can tell you that this a great cd, that starts off with a great and somewhat faster version of "Six and Four" (that was first recorded on the Verve album "Affinety" - also great).

Next is "Someday my prince will come", and althought this is a great version, we have better ones on other CDs

All three men are in great shape, and it's a joy to hear those dark brown notes of Ray Brown (what's in a name), and "Thags" (= Ed Thigpen) playing outstanding.

But of course it's Oscar who steals the show that ends with a fingerbreaking "Place St. Henri" (that was composed for his "Canadiana Suite").

A very fine concert, that belongs in every serious Peterson collection.

Also great to compare with the MPS cd's, since in 1963 Oscar started to do his splendid "house concerts" at the mansion of Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer.

Arnold van Kampen, Netherlands, writer about jazz.


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