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Oscar Peterson Trio Live in Zürich
At The Kongresshaus 1960


207. O.P. Zürich 1960

Swiss recording company has announced a new release from the Oscar Peterson Trio, taken from the same European Tour of 1960, as the cd below of the concert in Amsterdam.
The concert in Zürich at the Kongresshaus, was two days earlier on April 8, 1960, while the Amsterdam concert was at April 10.

Oscar, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen played:

  1. Introduction by Granz
  2. Jordu
  3. Cubano Chant
  4. Con Alma
  5. Politics and Poker
  6. The Maidens of Cadiz
  7. Daahoud

5 of these tracks were also played in Amstedam, so it would be nice to compaire these.

Again the Stan Getz Quartet and the Miles Davis Quintet participated that night.

TCB has also announced the release of the Stan Getz and Miles Davis concerts that night, so it would be nice, certainly for the younger generation, what jazz offered some 50 years ago.

Of course we will review this concert, and you will find this as soon as we have a copy, here.

Arnold van Kampen.


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